Google aims to replace passwords with ID rings.

It really annoys me how the media picks up on these things which are apparently new but arent. I remember from last year that having these kind of physical ways of logging into a system arent always the best. One comment said “this is a good idea and that house keys had worked for over a hundred years so a physical login is brilliant”. That may well be true for house keys but the problem here is that someone who steals or finds your keys is likely to not know where you live. Where as with the proposed system the ‘key’ could be used in any computer.

I am certain that this wont actually ever happen as it allows the user to lose all of their passwords in one go. If you lose your ID ring then you cant login to any google services. So how do you tackle that? Well you would have to have some kind of system where you had a username and some kind of word that the user knows lets call it a ‘password’ oh and look we are back right where we started! Also how are google going to verify anyone who asks for a new ID ring? If you know someones username and password and normally a simple question about them then surely you can apply for a ring on their behalf?

This brings me to the point that a complicated password is the way forwards. The password of the average user is fairly simple which makes it easy to break. Ideally passwords are long and fairly complicated which cant be remembered and are difficult to crack. It may be safer to write down a complicated password and keep it somewhere safe instead of having a simple password that can be remembered. So it essentially comes down to two things;

1) You can have an ID ring and your account cannot be hacked on line but can easily be physically lost or stolen.
2) You have a lengthy password with every possibility of it being hacked but no chance of it being physically stolen.

Thus you can stop one but not the other. The answer to this may be what I have seen in an interesting comment that you actually need three forms of identity to make a system secure. “Access should be based on three factors: something you are, something you have and something you know.”


2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 1,900 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 3 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

Lets go Bargain Hunting!

I spend quite a lot of time just scouring eBay for bargain car parts and general gadgets and quite a bit of searching needs to be done to find them all . So here are two brilliant ways to find yourself a bargain and save money…

1. Local Bargains is a website where you put in your postcode and the distance you are willing to travel! This instantly reduces that trawling time as all the listings near to you are on one page!

I suggest that you just bung in your postcode with a driving distance of about 25 miles and then look through the results for the next three days. This way you don’t have to check it everyday however some listings may be added and sold between you checking so it depends how much free time you have!

Hunt local Bargains now!

Updated Link 

2. Misspelled Bargains

Another way to pick up stuff cheap is to find the retards who dont know how to spell. People are less likely to find a listing if its spelt wrong and if they do find it they are quite unlikely to buy from the seller. By being a little risky you can pick up things really cheaply. As an example some sellers list ‘peugeot’ car parts as ‘pergeot’ , ‘peugoet’ or even ‘pergot’. Again there is a website to automate the search called which hunts all those possible misspellings. Even ones that you wouldn’t have thought were possible!

Hunt for misspelled Bargains now! 

Welcome Back!

Gosh its been a long time since I posted and I am almost ashamed that it was about Britain’s got Talent! Anyway moving swiftly on to new things I have just got back from a holiday in France and cant wait to get back to blogging and reviewing some new apps etc. The previous theme was bit dated so  I have changed it to a nice newer fresh more colourful theme. Good Stuff!  Also I have a job now so time is a little bit more pressed and in a weeks time I have a week long sailing event so somewhere amongst that I will have to find some free time to post! See you soon people!

Britains Got Talent: Round Up #2

After watching the show I decided it wouldn’t be difficult to do a little roundup each week. Unfortunately ITV have disabled video embedding on youtube which basically means I will be providing links to the videos instead of having them on this site… without further ado….

Firstly there was Razy Gogonea who performed a matrix styled dance routine. It was one of those ones where you just knew it was going to be good and it lived up to all expectations. Watch out for the brilliant entrance onto the stage. He made it through to the next round with a yes from all three judges! 4/5

Secondly 54 year old Micky Gooch performed a one fingered press up on a nail. He claimed that he was the only person in the world who did it and for good reason. The audience was subjected to about a minutes worth of extreme finger bending that even the judges had to lean forward in their seats to see. In the end although pointlessly impressive it was deemed not entertaining enough to make it through to the next round. 2/5

Next up was 91 year old Ted and his granddaughter 21 year old Grace with a singing double act. Ted used to have a career as a professional entertainer and certainly entertained when he couldn’t hear anything the judges said. Ted sang ‘If i were a rich man’ before Grace interrupted with ‘If i were a rich girl’ before both joined forces to sing ‘New York, New York’. It was good but the comedy of deaf Ted and his incompetence to use a microphone properly were much more entertaining than the actual act. 3/5

Following one comedy was impersonator Les Gibson doing a few celebrity impressions. Since he has been a full time impersonator for 13 years it seemed a little bit unfair but im sure if you had that kind of talent you would think twice about entering! The first impression was Ant and Dec in ‘Im a celebrity get me out of here’. Some brilliant camera work showed Ant and Decs reaction after which they walked on stage and glared at Les. The impression of Ant was good but the impression of Dec was rather camp. Next was Sir Alan or Lord Sugar which ever one you prefer to call a poorly shaven millionaire by. His was pretty good and so was Ross Kemp which came next. To finish off Les performed a brilliant impression of Coronation Street’s Kevin Webster which was amazing and one of the best impressions in the act! Brilliant performance and easily onto the final. However you know that this is one of those acts that is very unlikely to win come finals. 4/5

Oh dear… Elaine Williams’ (Studying Cookery) claimed to be a comedian. To be honest just watch this one yourself. Words cant explain how poor this act was which resulted in her being booed off stage. Elaine didn’t take to well to this and swore at the audience before storming off stage. Britain’s got talent got a few more supposed jokes out of her. This was the most cringe worthy act of the entire show. Watch out for the extremely long pauses and and the best WTF? faces you will ever see! Apparently her soups are much better. 0/5

Second to last was Pipp and her dog Buddy did some singing together which was amazing on Pipps part but Buddy howling hardly improved the act. The audience gave a standing ovation but I really do think that she should ditch the dog and go solo. This act really isn’t sustainable for more rounds of the competition. 3/5

An audience with Edward Reid was the final act of the night. He started singing nursery rhymes. Very unexpected it was too! Anyway what started out being a complete joke ended up being a complete success and it was obvious that this act will go far! This is really the one to watch from all of the acts tonight. 5/5

Right thats all for now folks! Stay tuned for BGT episode 3 which is on Saturday 8pm on ITV1.

Game Review: Portal 2

We’re a lot alike, you and I. You tested me. I tested you. You killed me. I—oh, no, wait. I guess I haven’t killed you yet. Well. Food for thought.

Its been too long. In fact its been over a month since my last post. Just like it had been a long time since valve released a game. But hey here is the post and here is Portal 2. Now this game is obviously a sequel to the original Portal which was included as a kind of experiment with the orange box. The game was unique in its game-play and concept and Portal 2 still feels unique despite being a sequel.

Straight from the start the story was extremely imaginative and engaging with the player. The characters have amazing voices and are very witty so I don’t think there was a single time i wasn’t smiling whilst playing this game. Aperture science I always found interesting as all the rooms were of uniform style so in Portal 2 to see many of the rooms destroyed was quite interesting however in further chapters in the game visiting Aperture science facilities from 1960,70,80s was just as intriguing.

Now i don’t want to spoil the surprise for those who haven’t completed the game but im sure i can tell you a few awesome things without giving too much away. Firstly the cake is not a lie. Mostly because it does not feature in the game apart from one reference from GlaDOS. Secondly there was a hilarious incident involving a door. And thirdly… well OK the whole game is absolutely stunning so just play it and find it out for yourself. The only bad point i could find was that the final boss fight was too simple and was very similar to that of the original.

Performance wise this game performs the same as all of the games using the source engine. On my 2.8Ghz i7 with 4GB RAM and a 8800GS the FPS was sitting at 60FPS (1440 x 900) throughout the entire game.

The game also comes with all the Aperture Science promotional videos which are worth watching as they are pretty funny. Also in the game menu there is a link to the ‘Rat Man’ comic strip which pretty much ties the two games together. The game also features online multi-player in the form of Co-op games. Of course you have to have some friends so I will test this out in due course after i have caught some. I believe that the multiplayer element of the game was meant to be cross platform on PS3, 360 and PC however I don’t think valve ever got round to this.

By this point you will be thinking ‘hmmm where can i buy this Portal 2 you speak of?’. Well you can download it via steam but be aware that the file size is huge (7.8GB Ive Heard)  so probably not best for those on a slow connection like myself. Your second option is to buy the game from GAME or and have it delivered to you. This may be a slower way of doing it but at least you have a physical copy and you will be able to reinstall in a few minutes if needed. Also this choice is the cheaper of the two coming in at £24.99.

So with immense revision needed for the up and coming summer exams there isn’t a worse time to become addicted to a game. However if you feel the need to say ‘No’ to revision then say No and get playing portals! Please note that you will not have a portal gun to help you in your exams…

SPOILER ALERT: The game has an Achievement for the discovery of a life ring from the ship named the ‘Borealis’. This ship was seen at the end of Half Life 2: Episode 2 so undoubtedly Valve are linking the two series together. Perhaps Half Life 3 or Episode 3 is going to see the light of day sometime soon!

Casey Haynes: Bully Smackdown

If you haven’t heard of Casey Haynes then you should have. He is the kid who stepped up to a bully and completely owned him. The video was floating around on youtube and other video sites for a few days but since the video has gone viral it has been removed due to being in conflict with the youtube terms and conditions. Not much to say apart from watch the video!

EDIT:  The video has been removed from all video hosting websites such as youtube etc because it contains bullying. Now im not sure which kid could be called the bully in this situation but anyway thats besides the point…

Watch it here!